• 2015

    Compoundation of PVC launched

    In 2015 historically the largest ever single investment was completed - construction of a new production of PVC compounds for mixing with a capacity exceeding 15 000 t per year. Compounding facilities are placed in the newly renovated existing hall. The main part is a 4-floor compounding tower with a height of 16 m, where the main technological process is located. The investment includes the construction of 5 storage silos to store raw material in powder form and two high-capacity tanks for liquid plasticizer.

  • 2012

    Russia among export countries, founding of a new affiliated company ACT in Russia

    In the period of 2011 and 2012 almost 75% of production was exported. The main export countries included – apart from the traditional destination of Austria – Germany, Slovakia, Poland and Scandinavia, but sales to Russia also began. PRAKAB played an active part in the founding of the affiliated company ACT Ltd. in Russia which was assigned the distribution of special LFHC cables in the region of the customs union.

  • 2011

    Special laboratory for development of insulating and sheating compounds established

    Construction of a special laboratory for the development of insulating and sheating compounds on the basis of polyolefin and PVC. PRAKAB starts to produce insulating and sheating compounds therefore there was new laboratory established for the development of the new series of compounds on the basis of polyolefins and for the preparation of dryblend for the development of PVC compounds.

  • 2009

    LEAN prodution implemented

    Methods of lean production (LEAN) were implemented not only in the production operations but also in the field of logistics of the company during three years. This resulted in a significant increase in the effectiveness of production and at the same time in a decrease in the amount of production waste and costs.

  • 2008

    Fireproof and halogen-free cables PRAFla

    New production equipment in the new factory buildings have been put into operation. The company’s production capacities have been increased by up to 20%.
    Extended and better quality product assortment of fireproof and halogen-free cables. Special cables for higher building safety, such as PRAFlaDur, PRAFlaGuard, PRAFlaSafe and PRAFlaCom, are being certified (CPD and Ordinance No. 23/2008 Coll.).
    Extending and accreditation of the laboratory for measuring and evaluation of behavior of cables under fire conditions (spread of fire, functionality under fire conditions, reaction to fire, etc.).

  • 2007

    New production halls built for power cables

    Brand new 4.500-m2 -production halls were built in order to accommodate machinery for production of power cables up to 35 mm2 and over-head cables.
    The production halls were finished in the first half of 2007 and machinery installed subsequently.

  • 2005

    A new sister company ICS built in Nitra, Slovakia

    The segment of flexible industrial cables was defined as a new development focus based on an in-depth strategic analysis. In order to be able to extend the production capacities required, a new company, ICS Industrial Cables Slovakia, s.r.o., was founded in Nitra, town in the south-west part of Slovakia, comprising a total of 40,000 m2 production and sales premises.

  • 2004

    PRAKAB becomes one of the major companies in the field of cable production

    Following the huge progress made by the company, PRAKAB PRAŽSKÁ KABELOVNA, a.s. had become a modern industrial company with a production area of more than 31 000m2 and 380 employees. It ranks among the most important companies in the field of cable production.

  • 2003

    Successful certification

    Succesfull certification of the system of quality according to the new
    EN ISO 9001 : 2000 and of the new system of environment protection according to ISO 14004 / EN ISO 14001 : 1996.

  • 2002

    Enlargement of FRNC production capacities

    Enlargement of the capacities for production of FRNC cables in PRAKAB.

  • 2001

    Production of signalling cables enlarged

    The production possibilities of signalling cables were enlarged through extension of the production halls.

  • 1997

    Production moved from SKB to PRAKAB

    The persisting crisis of the West European cable industry led to changes within the SKW Group. The production originaly situated in Austria was moved from Schwechat to PRAKAB - while at the same time the production capacity of energy cables was doubled.

  • 1995

    Certification of the system of quality

    Certifcation of the system of quality RWTÜV ISO 9001 : 1994 / EN ISO 9001 : 1994.
    Production of telephone cables was renewed as part of a large investment program in the value of 150 billions CZK. Construction of a new expedition and further production halls on the area of 6.000 m²

  • 1992

    Majority share bought by SKW

    Due to this transformation the original relationship between the two firms, interrupted after the Second World War, had been renewed. A year later the name of the firm was changed into today's valid title "PRAKAB Prazska Kabelovna, a.s." After buying further stocks and injecting further capital into the company, SKW increased their share to 98 %.

  • 1991

    Company name again PRAKAB, looking for a strategic foreign partner

    Because of a lack of high quality copper wires, the headquarters of ZSE - Works of Heavy-Current Engineering Prague - decided to construct an upward casting system; UPCAST. This system with a capacity of 9000 tons per year was launched in March 1992.

    Major political and economical changes in Czechoslovakia after the year 1989 had influenced the running of the enterprises associated in the ZSE combine. PRAKAB became a stock company on November 11th, 1991, with a view to finding a suitable strategic foreign partner. A number of discussions regarding the entrance of the majority share of PRAKAB were held with potential investors at that time.

  • 1984

    New railway siding and loading ramp

    In 1984 the construction of a new railway siding along with a loading ramp served by overhead travelling crane took place on the southern site of the company premisis and the following year was also completed a building transverse to the production hall.

  • 1968

    Significant extension of production area

    The limits of the production area gradually began to restrict the growth of the enterprise. This was the reason why in 1968 a new construction on the company's site started. Within ten years, six production halls were built with total area of more than 8000 m2. Ten new spacious 10m-high halls allowed production by individual product groups using independent production lines. The first stage ensured production of 1 kV power cables with PVC insulated aluminium wires and cross section of up to 240 mm. The installation of a second stranding line enabled production of armoured cables, including cables with a concentric neutral wire.

    Production of indoor telephone cables was organized in the same way. Two insulating lines with in-line drawing machines supplied a fully automated store from which the insulated wires were unwound and stranded on a S-Z stranding line. Because of high demand for multiwire signal cables a fundamental modernisation of the enterprise was carried out. A fully automated store with two insulating lines was constructed, which is why it is now possible to produce at the same time up to 48 insulated wires on the stranding and sheathing lines of cables at the same time. In addition to that two supplementary varnishing ovens were installed. They produced the compressible varnished wires for TV deflecting coils.

  • 1950

    Change of company name to Kablo Hostivař

    The company became independent again, however this time under the name Kablo Hostivar. From 1958 the company was integrated in the national enterprise Kablo Kladno.

  • 1946

    Nationalization of the company

    In 1946 the company was nationalized and at first became a part of the national enterprise Electrotechnical Factory Krizik, and later was incorporated together with other cable factories into the national enterprise Kablo Bratislava.

  • 1943

    PRAKAB merged with Prague Copper Works and Electrotechnical Works Krizik S.C.

    In 1943 PRAKAB merged with another stock company, Prague Copper Works and Electrotechnical Works Krizik S.C. The interest of the new owner was concentrated in establishing of production of telephone cables and paper insulated high voltage power cables 10 kV. For this purpose a new production hall of 4000 m2 was built.

  • 1939

    PRAKAB changed to joint stock company

    In 1939 the firm was changed into a joint stock company with the name Prazska kabelovna, a.s., with all stock vested in the company Krizik-Chaudoir.

  • 1932

    Extension of the production programme

    The increased requirement of copper wires compeled the construction of a drawing mill. The production programme was extended and included wires with rubber or textile insulation, indoor telephone cables, cables with lead sleeving, lift (elevator) cables, and high-frequency cables, dynamo wires, and varnished wires with diameter ranging from 0.05 mm to 3 mm.

  • 1930

    Connection with a railway station Praha - Hostivar

    The company infrastructure was improved through a construction of a works siding, which enabled the connection of the factory with the railway station Prague-Hostivar.

  • 1923

    PRAKAB starts to produce varnished wires

    In 1923 PRAKAB was the first factory in Czechoslovakia which started to produce varnished wires. As large volumes of copper were necessary for enamelled wire production, a company wire drawing plant with a gas heated annealing unit was built in 1923.

  • 1922

    First cables were produced

    Start of production followed by the installation of a rubber mixer and a lead press, later completed by the wire drawing plant.

  • 1921

    Dr. Emil Kolben took over the company and registered it under the trademark „PRAKAB“

    The renowned Czech entrepreneur Dr. Emil Kolben took over the comapny's majority and started to construct a new factory in Prague - Hostivar. This factory was registrated as "Prazska kabelovna, s.r.o." under the trademark "PRAKAB".

  • 1919

    A new branch of SKW established in Prague – Vysočany

    Following World War I and disintegration of the Austria-Hungarian monarchy "Schwechater Kabelwerke" (SKW) located near Vienna is Austria established a branch in Prague - Vysocany aiming to preserve its market position.

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