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Information on Processing and Protection of Personal Data - Summary

In relation to the new legislation on the processing of your personal data by PRAKAB PRAŽSKÁ KABELOVNA, s.r.o., we hereby provide a summary of basic information on the processing and protection of your personal data by the company.

What personal data do we process?
The personal data we process about you, the extent of which varies depending on the type of your legal relationship with the company, includes:
- Name and surname, previous surname, sex, date of birth, personal identification number, marital status, permanent address, address of temporary residence, telephone number, phone numbers of close persons, email address, bank account number, foreigner ID card/passport/employee card number, IP address of personal computer, number of children and their personal identification numbers, personal identification numbers of family members, data contained in birth certificates, data contained in life insurance and pension insurance policies, data contained in consents to tax deductions, data contained in the Labor Office, data contained in the Central Registry of Distraint, data on membership in trade unions, data contained in employment certificates, employee ID for operations on the premises, data contained on fuel tank cards, data contained in liability insurance policies.
We obtain personal data directly from you, especially when concluding a contract and for the duration of a contractual relationship.

The company also monitors the movement of business vehicles when a trip is reported as a business trip. The company monitors selected spaces with a camera system for security of persons and property. The cameras monitor outdoor areas, the crusher and peeler workplace, and the entrance in front of the dressing room in the drawing mill hall. A limited number of employees have access to the camera footage due to their job rank (IT, security). Footage from the camera system is stored for the necessary time, up to a maximum of about 14 days.

How do we use your personal data?
We use your personal data for:
• The fulfillment of statutory duties in relation to a closed working relationship
• The fulfillment of obligations towards state authorities
• Communication with you and administration and the fulfillment of our contractual relationship and the related agenda
• Company promotion outside and inside the company and internal corporate communication
• The management of internal projects and databases
• Possible legal disputes with you
• The purpose of archiving in public or scientific interest and for statistical purposes

We can give your personal information to:
• Authorities to which we are required to give personal data by law
• Your supervisor to a limited extent
• Healthcare providers
• Personal data processors, especially providers of computing services
• Providers of employee benefits, suppliers of corporate education, financial and insurance service providers, and other processors or recipients of personal data on the basis of your explicit revocable consent

Legal basis for processing your personal data:
The legal basis that allows us to process your personal data depends on the purpose for which we process the personal data. We can therefore process your personal data in a specific case because:
• It is necessary for the purpose of concluding a contract or fulfilling a contract concluded with you
• It is necessary to meet our legal obligations
• It is necessary to protect legitimate interests
•You have granted
your consent to the processing of your personal data, which can be revoked at any time
• Their processing is in public interest

We only keep your personal data for the duration of the above-mentioned processing purposes, and subsequently only for a period and under conditions in accordance with applicable law.

What are your rights?
In connection with the processing of your personal data, you have the following rights:
• The right to clear, transparent and comprehensible information about how we use your personal data and what your rights are (this document also serves this purpose)
• The right to access your personal data and the right to the provision of other information related to their processing by the company
• The right to correct inaccurate and incomplete personal data
• The right to delete your personal data, especially if (a) they are no longer needed for further processing, (b) you have withdrawn your consent to their processing, (c) you have rightfully objected to their processing, (d) they were processed unlawfully, or (e) they must be erased according to legal regulations
• The right to limit the processing of your personal data if (a) you contest the accuracy of the personal data until we verify their accuracy, (b) the processing is unlawful, (c) we do not need them any more, but you need the data to exercise your legal claims, or (d) you object to their processing until we verify that our legitimate reasons outweigh your interests
• The right to file a complaint with The Office for Personal Data Protection

How do we protect your personal data?
To ensure the security and confidentiality of your personal data, which is extremely important to us, we use technical and organizational measures, in particular to protect against unauthorized access to and exploitation of data. We regularly evaluate and update all measures.

The organization follows the following organizational security considerations:
Training of employees, internal and external audits, treatment of contracts with suppliers and employees, minimization of the processing of personal data, minimization of the archiving of documents with sensitive data of natural persons, securing file documentation and its archiving.
The organization uses the following security technologies and measures:
Firewall, IDS / IPS firewall, ISE IEEE 802.IX, antivirus, tape backup, IT audit tool, logging tools, laptop disk encryption and others according to approved investments to improve data protection.

Do you need more help?
If you have any questions regarding the processing of your personal data, you need similar help, or you have a complaint about the actions of the administrator or the processor of your personal data, please contact the head of the company's personnel department, who is the contact person for this agenda. Your complaints will be processed without undue delay, within 30 calendar days of receipt of the complaint.
The company has developed internal documentation for more detailed personal data protection, specifically the following directives: The Personal Data Protection Directive, the File and Shredding Regulation and the IT Directive. Detailed information on the processing and protection of personal data is published at http://intranet/prakab/ The contact address is the company's registered office, or the following email address:

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