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Obsolete Stock & Residual Lengths

Offer valid for May 2017 (short lengths)

The offer is valid only for the below mentioned items and the total quantity (without cutting).

  • Goods are in perfect condition with no damages
  • All items mentioned in the sheet below are available for heavily reduced prices
  • Please contact us for a price quote
  • The offer is valid until the goods are sold out.

Please refer to the list of items for details regarding the quantity and packaging.


Ms. Lusine Chacatrjanova

Senior Customer Service Consultant

E-mail: lusine.chacatrjanova@prakab.cz

Tel: +420 272 070 195



  • Svetlana Sommerova
    Department: Customer Service Consultant
    Tel: +420 272 070 192
    Mail: svetlana.sommerova