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Drum Return Form

External Logistics

  • Truck arrival at the company premises on working days from 6:30AM to 2:00PM.
  • Loading takes places on working days from 7:00AM to 2:30PM.
  • Loading at a later time is exceptionally possible only after previous agreement with Dispatch Executives. In such case extra costs for labour might be charged.

How Drums Are to Be Loaded

  • The drums are loaded between two wooden beams which are joined together with short boards and fixed by straps, as you can see in the picture below.                       


Loading of drums


  • Notice should be given at least 2 days prior to the arrival and the agreed day and time of arrival should be kept.
  • In case you come to pick up the goods on your own, the Dispatch Executives shall be contacted in advance. It can help you to shorten the time spent at PRAKAB premises to mininum. Otherwise it might happen that unannounced trucks will have to wait until the loading site is free.
  • The driver must report the respective loading reference (received previously by dispatching center) at the dispatch counter. The driver must also provide his personal ID and truck ID. In case the goods are exported, CMR for each unloading place must be provided.

Price List

  • How much does cable drum, pallets and other shipping and packing material cost?
  • You can download the complete price list here.